Senko Rašić

How online video works: a technical overview

Video is a big part of our online experience. It drives the majority of all internet traffic, and people watch the equivalent of 3.6 billion DVDs every month. And that’s just video on demand (VOD). Live events pull even more engagement, up to 10 times that of online video.

These trends make a compelling argument for including video as a key component of online presence for any brand, publisher, enterprise, or platform.

When creating your online video strategy, you have a lot of choices to make. The sheer volume and diversity of solutions, technology platforms, and approaches for producing, publishing, and delivering video can seem overwhelming.

This white paper outlines the important elements of a successful strategy and highlights key issues you should recognize when thinking about your online video strategy.

How online video works - cover

Download the white paper here: How online video works (PDF, 12MB).

Senko Rašić
Audio/Video and Real-Time Web consultant
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