Senko Rašić

About Senko

I'm a software engineer, entrepreneur and consultant and have been working in the software development field for over twenty years. In that time I've worked on a range of software projects — from minimum viable products (MVPs) to high-impact projects for global household brands.

I've been both an individiual contributor, acting as a software developer or system architect, and lead a team of people in roles such as tech lead, project manager, product manager, CTO and CEO. This breadth of experience gave me insights from and appreciation for both the business and technical sides of software development.

Many of the projects I've worked on leveraged video and audio capabilities, real-time communication, and open web platforms. This puts me right inside one of the most exciting and dynamic developments in the IT industry today.

Some companies I worked with include:

I am a big proponent of Open Source and Free Software and have used, advocated for, contributed and authored open source software for decades. Here's a list of my open source software and contributions.

I've spoken at various conferences, workshops and meetups about audio/video on the web, software development methodologies, startups, and software development in general: my speaking page has a bit more information.

My resume in PDF format is available here.

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