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Audio / Video solutions for the web

Today's audiences expect rich video and audio content, delivered flawlessly and optimized for their device.

Varios cloud platforms, media server solutions and open source projects provide a host of options to choose from. Sometimes an all-in-one video hosting and delivery platform is all you need. At other times you may be able to use an extensible media server solution, integrate it with your system and customize to your needs. And sometimes, you really need maximum control only possible with a custom-tailored solution.

Having implemented various multimedia solutions and worked with a wide variety of platforms, I can help you pick the platform that best fits your use cases and build on it to deliver the perfect results for your audience.

Case studies:

Real-time web applications

Today's web is all about communication and collaboration. Services like Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs and others have made immediate feedback and real-time notifications the norm. The days of refreshing the page manually or waiting minutes to fetch new data are long gone.

This makes real-time features a must-have for ever increasing number of websites and apps. Yet, implemented badly, they can severely impact server performance, worsen user experience and increase costs. For a successful implementation it is critical to be aware of strengths and limitations of various technologies and approaches.

I've built complex collaboration apps used by millions of users and real-time systems in which failures cost real money. My hard-earned experience ensures I can safely guide you through the technology maze and help you build robust, reliable and scalable real-time web systems.

Case study: building the world's leading online shared whiteboard.

Technology strategy and product development

Lean product and agile software development are popular buzzwords but the truth is that going from a vision, a concept, to the successful production use of a software solution is hard. Even today, most software projects fail, in terms of not living up to the expectations.

With decades of experience in software development field, I've worked on projects ranging from waterfall, to agile, to chaotic nobody-knows-whats-going-on projects and have battle scars to show. I have seen founders build castles in the sky only to watch them crumble in despair as nobody ever bought their solution. I've seen projects so rushed they collapsed under their own technical debt just as they've been validated as a good potential solution to a real customer or business problem.

It doesn't have to be like this. A bold vision, validated by the feedback from the field and coupled with a lean and agile, yet structured, development approach can result in a major success. As a technology consultant, I help my clients organize their software projects to minimize risk, avoid waste and predictably deliver quality results on time and on budget.

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