Senko Rašić


Inspecting media files

A short tutorial on how to inspect audio and video files to check codecs, formats and other metadata

Converting videos - a tutorial

A quick tutorial on converting (transcoding) videos using Handbrake and ffmpeg

Using YouTube as your video platform

YouTube is one of the world's most popular video destinations. As a delivery platform for recorded and live video it has both strengths and weakneses. This article examines when it's a good choice, and when you should go for an alternative solution.

How online video works: a technical overview

A whitepaper introducing the basic technical concepts and challenges of online video.

Open source web video and audio

A talk I gave at DORSC/CLUC '18 conference about producing online audio and video using free software and open standards.

Using Open Source

Finding a good open source component to use in your project.

Beyond type errors

Thinking about the various ways of calling a piece of code incorrectly.

Security of complex systems

What Shellshock can teach us about emergent behavior.

Type checking in Python

A simple and expressive way to add optional type checking to Python 2 and 3 via method decorators.

Maybe Monad in Python

I explore a neat trick for simplifying program flow in Python.

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